• Switch gear and what it does

    Switchgear is a broad term that describes a wide variety of switching devices that all fulfill a common need: controlling, protecting, and isolating power systems. It is a device that is used to switch, control and protect the electrical circuits as well as electrical devices. Types of Switchgears High-Voltage Switchgears High-voltage switchgear is one that […]

  • Electrical Power Distribution by Bus Duct

    A key part of electrical power distribution is bus duct. Also called bus way, bus duct provides an alternative means of conducting electricity. Bus duct is used in commercial and industrial settings to conduct electricity to power cables or cable bus. Structurally, a bus duct is a sheet metal duct containing either aluminum or copper […]

  • Electrical Protection System from Lightning in Homes

    Electrical surges from lightning can destroy electronic devices in your home, but this damage can be lessened or prevented by installing a system of surge protection that consists of point-of-use devices and whole house surge devices. These systems provide a direct path for lightning to follow to the ground rather than through the house structure […]

  • Application of Three-phase electric power

    Three-phase electricity is by its very nature a much smoother form of electricity than single-phase or two-phase power. It is this more consistent electrical power that allows machines to run more efficiently and last many years longer than their relative machines running on the other phases. Some applications are able to work with three-phase power […]

  • Different Types of Home Electrical plugs

    Power plugs are male connectors that are used to distribute power to electrical devices. They connect to electrical receptacles, wall outlets, or sockets and draw current from these female connectors. Power plugs provide either alternating current (AC) or direct current (DC). As electrical connectors, both AC power plugs and DC power plugs are equipped with […]

  • Electrical Pole Installation

    Before erecting the pole, we should check the length of the pole; check whether the assembly is in line with the provisions of the construction. 10 meters pole should be considered an electric pole. Preparation before erecting the pole: First, the man-made pole setting: Lift the pole on the pack-way with the consequent hole. The […]

  • Testing a Circuit Breaker in Homes With a Multimeter

    A multimeter is a versatile device used to check the voltage in electrical circuits, as well as to determine whether a circuit is using alternate current (AC) or direct current (DC). You can use a multimeter to test the breakers in your circuit box and ensure that they are functioning as they should. Step 1 […]

  • Testing for High Voltage in homes

    Electric service providers supply 240 volts of electricity to your home, but this does not mean the voltage remains constant. The voltage can fluctuate between 210 and 250 volts from time to time, depending on how the loads flow through the provider’s power stations and switching facilities. If the lights in your home dim and […]

  • Cable Testing & Analysis in Homes

    A cable test is an electrical test and it can be the simple validation of two wires in an antenna cable or the harness of a plane including more than 60.000 connection points. Power Electronical conducts various tests for precise assessment of MV/HV power cables and provides with accurate analysis of your Power Cables. Offline […]

  • Electrical Testing and Analysis of Generator

    Generator testing assesses the integrity of a generator through the use of computer-supported equipment or tools that monitor trends within the generator. The main objective of generator testing is to reveal hidden problems and prevent unnecessary failure. There are numerous generator testing techniques when it comes to electrical generator testing. Most of these fall under […]

  • Modelling and Analysis of Electrical Power System

    Power-system modelling primarily involves the representation of a power system or electric network in the form of an appropriate simulation model. Power-system modelling is applied in a wide variety of analytical and engineering studies, ranging from power-grid reliability and planning studies, technology, feasibility and impact evaluations, and grid-integration evaluations, to power-system response analysis, and industrial […]

  • How to Maintain Electrical Transformer

    There are basically two types of transformer maintenance. One is done on a regular basis and the other is done at a time of urgency. If maintenance checkups are done on a routine basis then you may not have to undergo breakdown maintenance and hence save downtime. There are a lot of different types of […]