Electrical Protection System from Lightning in Homes

Electrical surges from lightning can destroy electronic devices in your home, but this damage can be lessened or prevented by installing a system of surge protection that consists of point-of-use devices and whole house surge devices.

These systems provide a direct path for lightning to follow to the ground rather than through the house structure and its wiring. Please note: A lightning protection system will not protect a home from electrical damage or fire from lightning entering through the telephone, cable, or electrical lines to the house. Whole house surge protection devices are needed for this protection. Consult a qualified contractor for installation.

Importance of Lightning Protection in Homes

There are many ways in which lightning strikes can cause damage or injury. Lightning strikes (or even electrical discharges due to nearby lightning) can cause fires, explosions, chemical releases, or mechanical disruption within or around a building.

External lightning protection:

This is designed to protect the fabric of a structure and the lives of the people inside by channeling the lightning strike in a safe and controlled manner to the earth termination network.

Internal lightning protection:

This is called Electronic systems protection; The increasing pace of technological development has created the scenario where increasingly lightning-sensitive systems are essential to our society.

Both the threat of damage to vital electronic systems, and the seriousness of the consequences of that damage, are more real than ever before.

Most modern electronic systems are at risk:

  • Computers
  • Data communication networks
  • Building management systems
  • PABX telephone exchanges
  • CCTV equipment
  • Fire and burglar alarms
  • Telecom
  • Base stations
  • Uninterruptible power supplies (UPSs)
  • Programmable logic controllers (PLCs)
  • Plant sensors
  • Telemetry and data acquisition equipment

The loss of these systems would cripple industrial, commercial and governmental organizations alike.

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