Electrical Repair

Tyron Power Services offers comprehensive electrical repair services as part of their Electrical Testing and Maintenance services. We perform electrical repair for industrial plants, large commercial facilities and municipal power stations. We are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and are maintenance managers first choice for electrical testing, maintenance and repair.

Bus Duct Repair

One of the most frequent and chronic sources of electrical system failures are bus duct damage.  The loss of power and inadequate support resources ultimately cause companies to shut down, eventually resulting in high repair costs that are magnified by the amount of time required for bus duct repair.

The time of repair is a huge constraint factor for any company to operate efficiently.  Nobody wants to take on the financial losses that can accrue from lack of business.  Industrial Tests, Inc provides 24/7 Emergency Service Teams that are backed up by a history of quick responses and fast turnarounds.  Armed with NETA Certified Engineers and Technicians, our team always meets and often exceeds client expectations.  Our clients are never left wondering if their Bus Ducts have been promptly and thoroughly repaired.

Warning Signs for damaged bus ducts include:

  • Compromised Copper
  • Failed/missing Connections
  • Burnt RayChem Insulation
  • Distortion of any sort
  • Mechanical damage.

ITI’s technicians and Engineers are equipped with the latest technology, which includes the ability to do a thermo-graphic analysis of the problem and distinguish the problem areas, anything ranging from: faulty connections, circuit overloads, and motor shaft misalignment.

Switchgear Repair/Rebuild

Switchgears are used as a preventive and protective mechanism that enables short circuiting of specific circuits without interrupting the flow of the entire electrical system in the facility.  They enable isolation of circuits from power supplies. ITI specializes in repairing low to high voltage switch gear.  Warning signs for faulty switch gears include bad connections, stripped wiring, rust, and corrosion.  Our services include repair, retrofit, equipment updates, solid state conversions, switchgear inspection, cleaning, testing, on-site and in shop service, and 24/7 hotline.

Circuit Breaker Repair

In the event that any of your Case, Oil, Air, or Vacuum Breakers have deteriorated over time, and are now experiencing electrical problems, Industrial Tests, Inc.

Breaker Repair Services Include:

  • Evaluate, Clean, Service and Test
  • Major Repairs and Modifications
  • Minor Repairs and Modifications
  • Accessory Installations and Removal
  • Retrofits and Upgrades
  • Calibration of Units
  • Primary and Secondary Testing

High Voltage Substation Repair

The following illustrates emergency and urgent substation service conditions.

1) An Emergency Service resulting from conditions:

  • imminently detrimental to the operation;
  • situations that are currently reducing base operational effectiveness;
  • an existing fire, health, or safety hazard;
  • imminent substantial loss or damage to your property;
  • or similar situations.

2) Urgent Service resulting from conditions where:

  • foreseeable detriment to the operations and/or base operations;
  • foreseeable fire, health, or safety hazards;
  • foreseeable substantial loss or damage to your property;
  • or similar situations

Routine substation services are also available if you want to reap the benefits outlined below:

  • Extend equipment life by 5-10 years with maintenance guidelines.
  • Reduce maintenance costs by up to 30% via “condition-based maintenance”.
  • Reduce losses via improved SF6 management and transformer cooling.
  • Implement predictive maintenance practices for reduced outages.
  • Prevent failure of critical transformers, realizing potential savings per unit of $1-5 million.

Providing Electrical Repair To Abuja And Nationwide

logoWith offices in Abuja, Tyron Power Services provides Electrical Repair services to clients throughout Nigeria including Lagos, Port Harcourt and Aba as well as Lokoja. We serve industrial, commercial and municipal clients in various industries including power stations, power plants, wind and solar, petro-chemicals, manufacturing, hotels, hospitals, municipalities, defense contractors, data centers and many other applications that rely on high power electric equipment. Whatever your Electrical Repair needs may be, contact us and we will make sure that your equipment is treated with the care and safety requirements that it deserves.