• Tyron Power Services

    We Provide Professional Service

    Whether you’re a large power plant looking to perform a complete electrical maintenance outage, or just have a small electrical repair project, Tyron Power Services is your preferred choice.

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      • We have field engineers and technicians with calibrated test equipment.
      • With over 30 years of experience performing electrical testing
      • We have the knowledge and the tools to get the job done right the first time
      • We are available 24/7 for those unplanned shutdowns and emergency repairs.
      • We handle extension and reticulation of HV and LV electricity
      • We understand that production is what drives management decisions
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  • Serving Abuja And Nationwide

    Industrial, Commercial and Municipal clients

    • With offices in Abuja, Lagos, Tyron Power Services. provides Electrical Testing and maintenance services to clients throughout Nigeria including Port-Harcourt, Enugu, Lokoja and Edo as well as Kaduna, Jos, Ogun, Aba and Onitsha.

      We provides complete testing for high and low voltage electrical equipment to keep your business running at peak efficiency.

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    • We serve industrial, commercial and municipal clients in various industries including power stations, power plants, wind and solar, petro-chemicals, manufacturing, hotels, hospitals, municipalities, defense contractors, data centers and many other applications that rely on high power electric equipment. Contact us to see why Tyron Power Services  is counted on by so many clients for their Electrical Testing And Maintenance needs.

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  • Unique Services

    Testing, Maintenance, Consulting, Design and Estimating

    • Electrical Testing

      Complete testing for high and low voltage electrical equipment to keep your business running at peak efficiency.

    • Technical Support

      Need help? We do our best to make your life easier. Maintenance Support for all your machinery, conducted through our support team.

    • Maintenance

      Tyron Power Services. is a maintenance managers first choice for electrical testing.

    • Electrical Maintenance

      Proper maintenance of your electrical system will keep it running at peak efficiency and help reduce costly shut downs.

    • Estimating & Designs

      Consulting, Design, Estimating For Contractors and Electrical Engineers. Get fast, reliable estimates from the experts.

    • Other Services

      Besides our testing and maintenance services, TPS offers other electrical services for commercial and industrial clients.