Power Plant Services

power-plants-1Tyron Power Services Power Station Services are specifically geared towards customers who understand the dire need to electrically operate their facility in the most efficient manner possible. Our services are catered to those who recognize the costly effects of unnecessary downtime due to electrical equipment failure and loss of power. They also recognize the utter importance of taking the necessary measures so they can to prevent these events from occurring in the future.

If you are looking to implement or uphold a preventative maintenance program, in which the obvious intention would be eliminating time-loss incidents, don’t hesitate in contacting Industrial Tests, Inc., where we have been a critical tool for Power Plants’ Maintenance Programs all over the Western US. We’ve set the industry standard when it comes to maintaining the efficiency of your equipment through the tests of real life events.

Electrical Preventative Maintenance

– Switchgear/Equipment Inspection and Cleaning
– Tighten/Torque as Necessary
– System Studies
– NETA Testing Specifications on Existing or New Electrical Equipment
– Ensure Equipment is Operating within Manufacturers Specifications
– Power Monitor
– Equipment Retrofits
– Calibrate Setting on Electrical Equipment: Breakers, Relays, etc.
-And so on…

Emergency Call-Out Services

– 24/7 Emergency Response
– Total On-Site Restoration/Rebuild
– LV,MV,HV Inspections and Repairs
– Detailed Diagnosis and Reports
– Immediate Technician Dispatch
– Fault Analysis
– Start-Up and Recommissioning Oversight
– And so on…

Types of Power Stations that TPS has helped:

• Thermal Power Stations:
– Steam
– Cogeneration
– Solar
– Turbine
– Biomass
– Geothermal
– Nuclear
• Renewable Energy Power Stations:
– Hydroelectricity
– Solar
– Pumped Storage
– Wind
– Ocean Energy
– Osmosis

We are 100% committed to getting you back on-line and making sure your facility is able to sustain power. Let our extraordinarily talented team of technicians handle your project with the care and determination that it deserves. Tyron Power Services has a proven track-record of success and we truly show our customers that their needs are of the utmost importance.

Providing Power Plant Services To Abuja And Nationwide

logoWith offices in Abuja, Tyron Power Services provides Power Plant Services services to clients Nigeria including Lagos, Port Harcourt and Aba as well as Lokoja. We serve industrial, commercial and municipal clients in various industries including power stations, power plants, wind and solar, petro-chemicals, manufacturing, hotels, hospitals, municipalities, defense contractors, data centers and many other applications that rely on high power electric equipment. Whatever your Power Plant Services needs may be, contact us and we will make sure that your equipment is treated with the care and safety requirements that it deserves.