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Electrical Testing

Electrical testingTyron Power Services is a NETA certified company that follows stringent ATS (Acceptance Testing Specification) standards with over 30 years of experience.

TPS’s extensive testing program will ensure that potential problems are dealt with before further damage can be done. Our testing program guards against malfunctioning equipment, guarantees that equipment is up to manufacturer’s recommendations, and makes certain that equipment and systems are installed in accordance with design specifications. TPS is able to perform effective testing of equipment because we follow the recommendations contained in the manufacturer’s published data for each piece of equipment that we test. The majority of the guidelines for an effective testing procedure can be found from the manufacturer’s published data.

In order to make testing efficient for your facility, TPS’s wide spectrum of knowledge concerning proper testing procedures enables us to make necessary adjustments concerning a particular system and how it should be tested. These testing procedures are meant specifically for most industrial and larger commercial systems.

Benefits of Testing

  • Standards

    Ensures that mechanical operation of equipment is aligned with manufacturer’s standard

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  • Prevention

    Prevents injury hazards to personnel working near/around energized equipment.

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  • Approach

    Detect possible areas where arc faults can occur and identify appropriate approach boundaries

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A Full Range Of Electrical Testing Services

TPS offers a wide scope of tests for industrial and commercial systems that range from low voltage circuit breaker testing to 230kV yard overhauls and everywhere in between. Our NETA, OSHA, and Arc Flash certified engineers and technicians will work with you to handle anything from emergency shutdowns to routine, quality assurance testing. Our full spectrum electrical testing services will keep your electrical equipment up and running efficiently and reliably, year after year.

    • Testing Merger

    • Megger Test

      A megger test confirms the insulation properties of electrical wiring, motor windings, and high power antennae mounts. The megger utilizes a much higher voltage to show resistance, which shows gaps in insulation.

    • switchger

    • Switchgear Testing And Maintenance

      Switchgears are complex ways of isolating circuits from power supplies. We specialize in testing and repairing switchgears whether low or high voltage.

    • circuit breaker

    • Circuit Breaker Testing

      We perform a full range of circuit breaker testing including insulation resistance tests, connection tests, contact resistance tests, and overload tripping tests.

    • protective relay

    • Protective Relay Testing

      Protective relays are used to protect voltage distribution systems in all sizes. Their complexity require highly trained engineers to maintain.

    • instrument testing

    • Instrument Testing

      Our trained technicians perform calibration testing on your electrical testing equipment. Imprecise equipment cost money and are a safety hazard.

    • nete testing

    • Neta Testing And Maintenance

      Performing NETA testing ensures that your important electrical system’s components meet application specifications and tolerances.

    • fall of potential

    • Fall of Potential Ground Test

      A Fall of Potential test (aka ground resistance test) measures the capacity of an earth ground system to dissipate energy from an electrical system in a safe route to the ground.

    • sf6

    • SF6 Circuit Breaker Testing And Maintenance

      TPS provides full service SF6 circuit protector testing and maintenance. Services include evaluation, cleaning, retrofits, calibration as well as primary and secondary testins

    • Hi Pot testing

    • Hi Pot Testing

      Hi Pot Testing is one of the most dangerous procedures for companies trying to comply with the Acceptance Testing and General Electrical Maintenance procedures.

    • Generator testing

    • Generator Testing

      TPS provides full spectrum testing and maintenance services for generators. We have the tools and technicians to discover and fix problems with industrial generators.

    • ground fault

    • Ground Fault Testing

      TPS’s ground fault testing helps protect electrical equipment from low magnitude ground faults. Services include calibration, inspection and part replacement

    • power cable

    • Power Cable Testing

      TPS offers full service power cable testing. Our services include testing the cables for durability, reaction to high voltage and partial discharge detection.

    • power transformer

    • Power Transformer Testing

      TPS’s full service transformer testing services include on site inspection, NETA testing of transformers, impedance testing, oil sampling, and turns ration testing.

    • High voltage testing

    • High Voltage Testing

      TPS testing equipment spans 120,000 volts and 40,000 amps. All technicians are NETA certified to bring voltage and current to manufacture specs.

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