Maintenance Service

protective-relay-testingTyron Power Services provides comprehensive full service electrical maintenance for industrial plants, large commercial facilities and municipal power stations. We are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week and are maintenance manager’s first choice for electrical testing, maintenance and repair. TPS is a NETA certified company that follows stringent MTS (Maintenance Testing Specification) standards with over 30 years of experience. TPS also boasts a zero injury safety record that comes with our prerogative to keep the safety of our personnel paramount.

TPS’s substation maintenance includes periodic inspections, repairs, and if necessary equipment replacement.  It is a systematic series of preventative measures to ensure the safety of all personnel working around the equipment, and the quality of the equipment itself.  The process normally includes visual and mechanical inspections that are carried out by trained professionals who look for signs of damage, corrosion, loose fittings, and displaced parts.   Unforeseen shutdowns due to equipment malfunctioning are costly, however, with the right maintenance services, these shutdowns can be prevented.

Benefits of Maintenance

TPS offers EPM (Electrical Preventative Maintenance) and MPM (mechanical preventative maintenance) that ensures the containment of problems before they occur.  Potential errors are diagnosed and addressed before they are able to become hazardous to the health of the system and the personnel handling the system.  Benefits of EPM and MPM are listed below:

  • Extended equipment life cycle
  • Assurance that personnel are working under a safe environment
  • Keeps equipment operating at manufacturer’s standard to ensure reliability and safety
  • Maintenance prevents future wear and tear from occurring as well as reduces cost for repairs
  • To keep substations operating at peak conditions, major substation maintenance should be done annually

Electrical Maintenance Services We Offer

Listed below are some of the maintenance services that TPS offers. We handle maintenance procedures ranging from transformer oil refills to extensive oil sampling tests and gasket replacements. Our maintenance services will keep your electrical equipment up and running efficiently and reliably, year after year.



    • substation-maintenance-400

      Substation Maintenance Services

      TPS’s substation maintenance services are done to NETA specifications and can extend life equipment and prevent failure of critical transformers, saving money

    • transformer-maintenance-400

    • Transformer Maintenance

      TPS provides full service transformer maintenance. Services include bushing replacements, gauge calibration, leak repair, oil analysis and transformer painting

    • sf6

    • SF6 Circuit Breaker  Maintenance

      TPS provides full service SF6 circuit protector testing and maintenance. Services include evaluation, cleaning, retrofits, calibration as well as primary and secondary testing

    • circuit-breaker-maintenance-400

    • Circuit Breaker Maintenance

      TPS’s full serevice Circuit Breaker maintenance services include evaluation, testing, cleaning, breaker resetting as well as primary, secondary and fault testing

    • nete testing

    • Neta Testing And Maintenance

      Performing NETA testing ensures that your important electrical system’s components meet application specifications and tolerances

    • switchger

    • Switchgear Maintenance

      Switchgears are complex ways of isolating circuits from power supplies. We specialize in testing and repairing switchgears whether low or high voltage.

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