How to connect a portable generator to a house

Generators are meant to serve as a backup when the power from the national grid goes off. They provide energy power supply to the home, not necessarily all aspects of the house but the important parts like tv, fan, lights, sockets, etc.

When connecting your portable generator, you have to take some very important factors into account.

  • Wiring system: make sure that the right wiring is done so that there won’t be any accidents when using the generator.
  • Know the power of the generator, you can choose the appliances you want to use based on priority so that the generator won’t be overloaded.
  • Install an inlet box outside your house where the generator will be connected and it should be done by a professional.
  • Always station the generator away from the house for safety. This is a basic safety precaution and it should not be ignored.
  • Always check the engine and oil before putting the generator on to avoid knocking down the engine.
  • Before putting the generator on, make sure the switch breaker is turned off and also all appliances in the house before putting it on.
  • Make sure the fuel is well gauged and not too little or overflowing.

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