Save energy, save money : Tips

Due to the high tariff rate on electricity, one has to start thinking smart to save the cost of using electricity in our homes.

Any means that one can use to put more money back in their pockets is a step in the right direction and this can be achieved by following these common basic steps;

  • Ceiling fan: by using your ceiling fan you reduce the amount of energy that other cooling systems will consume. Ceiling fans are set during the heat period counter-clockwise to take up the heat up to the ceiling from the room and the reserve is done during the cold period.
  • Energy-saving bulb: Incandescent bulbs use more power than fluorescent energy-saving bulbs. Replace bulbs in homes with energy-saving bulbs today and save more from electricity. Also, always develop the habit of turning light bulbs off when you don’t need them no matter the type of bulb you are using.
  • Seal and insulate homes: when you seal your home properly, the amount of time and power you will use to heat or cool it will reduce by a significant amount and it stays longer before the effect wears away.
  • Door close at all times helps to save energy, close as quickly as possible doors to refrigerators and entrance door to the apartment, and window curtains to keep the temperature for a longer period of time.
  • Choice of electronics; appliances like tv, stereo, etc come in s low energy models nowadays and when home appliances are not in use they should be completely disconnected from the socket because they use a very little amount of energy when off but are still connected to the sockets.

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