What appliances need protection from low voltage fluctuations?

Every household has different types of home appliances ranging from kitchen appliances to storage appliances, either way, your life seems incomplete without these. So, it is your responsibility to maintain those appliances.

The home devices stand a high chance of being damaged when they are on and there is a power surge of fluctuation.

Voltage fluctuation can happen due to various reasons, like weather conditions, area-wide electrical power problems, etc.

Appliances with motors and compressors are the worst affected by low voltage fluctuations. Hence, refrigerators and air conditioners need low voltage protection devices the most.

However, these devices can be costly, and it may not be cost-effective to equip every one of your appliances with these. As a rule-of-thumb, the more expensive your model is, the more it will make sense to equip it with a low voltage protection device.

Due to their more affordable cost, other appliances with motors like fans and semi-automatic washing can get away with not having a low voltage protection device.

Protect your home appliances from low voltage and power sags:

  • Don’t over the circuit with too many appliances which will make it draw more power than it can handle.
  • Don’t use appliances when the voltage is low and unplug all appliances from sockets when they are not in use.
  • Routine wiring check in the house will help to detect any leakages early and fix them before it gets out of hand.

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