Electricity leakages in homes and prevention

Electrical leakage is the flow of electrical charge gradually beyond the protective boundary of an insulator. How can you know that your electricity is leaking? When you notice a rise in your electric bill, and when the power keeps tipping off, appliance surfaces keep shocking you whenever you touch them when they are on, etc then there must be a leakage somewhere in the power points in the house.

Make sure all devices in the house are turned off when not in use and there are electrical products that can help you in preventing electrical leakages in your home such as;

  • The use of timer to set when power comes on and off. This is one of the oldest methods but works well.
  • Check your meter for any sign. When you off all the devices and breakers in your house and u still see your meter read tghen there is a leakage.
  • All electrical cables should be checked and make sure there is no point where insulator is broken.

Switch home breaker off and on each power point one after the other to detect which is leaking.