When light get dim and then gets brighter again in homes

It’s always a big deal when the lights in your home start dimming and then get brighter again. This can be a result of a loose neutral wire in the service panel or maybe it is corroded.


  • Corroded or loose neutral wire in the service box wire causes the light to flick.
  • When the bulbs in the house are old it’s advisable to replace them
  • A faulty transformer will supply an unstable power supply to the residences thereby, cause the light to flick. It is advisable to call the power company
  • A faulty lamp-holder can cause the power to alternate.
  • When there is an overload on the circuit the power supply in the home can be shaky.


  • Always change old and faulty bulbs in the house.
  • When there is an issue with the transformer, always call the professionals.
  • Change old wiring to upgraded wiring around the house.
  • Light fixtures should be installed properly.

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