How much electricity do I need for my home?

Electricity consumption varies from home to home; modern homes use more electrical equipment than ever which requires a larger amount of electricity.

Though technology has gone a long way, there are also some activities we can do to minimize the rate of electricity consumption in our homes.

There are several activities that can influence the rate of electricity consumption in our homes such as;
• Number of electrical equipment in the house
• How often electrical appliances are used in the house
• Number of people living in the house
• How large is the house
• The strength of the electrical equipment
It is important to know the electricity consumption rate of each of your appliances in the house which is measured in WATTS or KILOWATTS which is printed on the appliance by that you will be able to know how much electricity each will consume per hour that it’s running. Example;
• Microwave: will consume 0.36kwh when set on high for 15minutes
• Bulb: when used for 10 hours a 100-watt bulb will consume 1kwh.
• Television: when a 200-watt tv is used for 6 hours it will consume 1.2kwh
• Fan: a fan of 2400 watts used for 8 hours will consume 19.2kwh of electricity
• Phone charger: when you charge your phone for a year it consumes up to 2kwh of electricity.
This varies from home to home based on several factors.

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