Types of electrical switches in the home

Switches are the most common electrical devices in the house, they all look they function the same way outwardly but actually function differently inwardly from each other.

Switches are not only used for lights but also to turn on and off the flow of electricity in appliances and they are all different from each other base on their use such as:

  • Three-way switch:

These switches are used in pairs, they are mostly found in garages, staircases, and hallways that have two entries. It has no OFF or ON markings because it depends where it’s being used as it’s used to light from two different locations.

  • Single-pole Switch:

A single-pole switch has ON and OFF markings that control the light from a single location, it is called the workhorse of switches.

  • Double-Pole switch:

Double-pole switches are mostly used in industrial applications; they are mostly rated 30 amps compare to the standard 15 amps and 20 amps switches.

Double-pole switches have four brass terminals as compared to single-pole switches which have only two terminals. This allows the switch to control high-power demand appliances.

  • Four-switch:

Four-way switches are commonly found in very large spaces like halls that have more than two entrances. It controls the light from three different points and doesn’t have ON or OFF markings on it, it also has 4 brass terminals (2 brass terminals and 2 dark terminals).

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