Modelling and Analysis of Electrical Power System

Power-system modelling primarily involves the representation of a power system or electric network in the form of an appropriate simulation model.

Power-system modelling is applied in a wide variety of analytical and engineering studies, ranging from power-grid reliability and planning studies, technology, feasibility and impact evaluations, and grid-integration evaluations, to power-system response analysis, and industrial and commercial power-system studies, to name a few.

Power-system planning and design engineers and electrical-system operators use power-system modelling to analyze and evaluate system performance, design control strategies for protection and control equipment, identify abnormal conditions and possible design changes, and plan for power-system-capacity additions.

The power system is generally divided into two categories:

the transmission system (electricity generation and delivery on the bulk power system) and the distribution system (distributing power at lower voltages to commercial and residential loads).

Power-system modelling can be used for a number of analytical approaches to answer electric-power-system questions from reliability and outage probabilities to the effect of retiring coal plants or what price expectations might be under different conditions.

Other examples of applications that use a model include, but are not limited to, the following:

  •  Contingency analysis identifies plausible contingencies (such as loss of a line or generator) that could have serious consequences and cascading effects; early warning of these situations may enable the utility to take actions that would mitigate the risk.
  •  Economic dispatch of centralized generation
  •  Volt/volt-ampere reactive optimization
  •  Predictive fault location
  •  Automatic service restoration
  •  Switching order management

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