Reasons for low voltage in residential areas

Low voltage is when the electricity supply is 120 volts and below. This shows that a device is using lower power than the socket provides.

When appliances don’t get an adequate amount of electricity, they start to overheat which leads to damage of such appliances.


  • In most cases, low voltage is caused by poor wire conditions such as old wiring and corroded wires. These wires can be either in the house or out on the mail wire supply to the residence. Old or corroded wires transmit very low voltage of electricity.
  • The distance at which the electricity travels from point of supply to the final destination is another factor that causes low voltage supply to such far areas. The reason why big cities have stronger voltage than town that is located far from the big cities because as electricity travels its voltage drops.
  • It is well known that the demand or usage of electricity is higher in the afternoon or during summer. When the electrical system is overloaded with many demands, the voltage drops.
  • When the wires from the transformer to the house are imbalanced, there will be low voltage. The three wires have to be balanced as it goes into the house.
  • The natural cause can cause low voltage in areas, such as bad or harsh weather conditions that can cause damage to the wires outside that supply the areas.

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