Why circuit breakers trip and fuses blow?

When there is an overload of appliances that is when circuit breakers get tripped off, as every circuit is designed to carry a particular amount of load based on the wires in the circuit. Hence, the breaker or fuse is intended to trip or blow before the circuit wires can heat to a dangerous level. It takes 20 to 30 seconds before it trips off.

  • Short-circuit: this is a serious cause for breakers to trip, when a hot wire touches a neutral or the metal case covering the circuit box, this causes an unimpeded flow of electricity within the breaker causing it to trip
  • Arch Fault: this occurs when there is a contact between two wire points in a connection either caused by loose screw terminals in a switch. An arc-fault circuit interrupter senses the wiring problem before it leads to a short circuit.
  • Ground fault: Ground fault happens when a live wire comes in contact with a ground wire or metal frames or walls which are very dangerous in areas that are moist such as bathrooms or kitchens.

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